*****   World Islands Festival 2022  NEWS   *****


Hello , le W.I.F 2022 est fini depuis une semaine et le team W.I.F tenait a remercier tout les participants (acteurs et chasseurs) , la propagation ne nous a pas permis de loguer un grand nombres de chasseurs mais c'est ainsi .
Prochainement le team WIF se réunira pour mettre à jour certaines questions .
Avis aux Teams qui n'auraient pas encore envoyer leurs Logs, vous avez jusqu'au 07 Aout 2022 pour les envoyer après cette date ils ne seront plus comptabiliser = worldislandsfestival@gmail.com
Merci à tous , 73 W.I.F Team .
Hi all, the W.I.F 2022 is finished since one week and the W.I.F team wanted to thank all the participants (actors and hunters), the propagation did not allow us to log a large number of hunters but it is so.
Soon the WIF team will meet to update some questions.
Notice to Teams who have not yet sent their Logs, you have until August 07, 2022 to send them after this date they will no longer be counted = worldislandsfestival@gmail.com
Thank you all, 73 W.I.F Team.

You live on an island or you have one near you and regardless of your continent, you like Portable Station activities, so come and join us during the World Islands Festival which will take place in 2 parts: 1st Part 03,04 and 05 JUNE, 2nd Part 01,02 & 03 JULY 2022 on the 11m Band .

For more infos read the Rules and if you are looking for an Island visit the site Island Base Online



New event , new rules , new ideas for mores attractions ...


New version of the Island Festival will take place on the first weekend of June to preserve what was put in place by the WWRO Team (OIF) in 2008 and ended in 2018 .

After many discussions with others DX'ers , the World Islands Festival is born .

Welcome in this new Islands adventure .


73 , Team W.I.F (Eric , Didier & Phil) .


This year the team has decided to dedicate this 2021 edition of the World Islands Festival to the Memory of Tom 47DX052 for his work brought to the Original Island Festival for several years.

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